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Behold: the BMW Z4 3.0si coupe, with 6-speed manual.

How obscure are these? Take it away, internet:

Of the 17,094 coupés manufactured worldwide, only 3,919 were made for the North American (NA) market (NA=US and Canada) of which 1,815 were the M-Coupe and 2,104 were the 3.0si Coupe. Of the 2,104 3.0si Coupes made, 1,276 were automatics and only 828 were manual transmission (the Z4M however, was only available as a manual transmission everywhere).


In terms of units sold in the US, the 3.0si coupe MT is three times rarer than a Paseo wagon. Why do I do this to myself?

Let’s look at the numbers that I care about: 261 hp, 232 ft-lbs, 3,075-lb curb weight, and 10.1 cubic feet of hatch space. So it’s faster, stronger, lighter and newer than that one car I have, and a stick shift — with half the cargo space and no backseat.

Illustration for article titled My latest baffling want.

Actually doesn’t look that bad. Luna could fit in a pinch no problem.

I have probably used the backseat six times in two years on my car. I have anywhere between zero and three friends. I have no children. I have one small-medium doggo.


Anyway... I wawnt it. Here’s a link to one for sale locally: click here you big meanie.

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