My Le Mans Live Blog/AMA


Welcome to my attempt to live blog my way through he 24 Hours Of Le Mans. As of starting this, the current time is 4:15am EST, just under five hours until the start of the race. And I’m already awake. Actually, I haven’t slept yet. This is not a good way to get started. My back has been not happy for a few days, which makes sleep not come so easy. And we’ve got a sick cat who has to be fed my hand with a syringe several times throughout the day and night, so that’s kept me up as well.


Basically, once the race gets under way, I will be doing my best to entertain whoever bothers to read this. I’ll have race notes, crappy commentary, bad jokes, and updates on my mental state (which will deteriorate throughout the race). I’ve stocked up food and caffeine so I don’t have to leave the house for anything. I intend to stay up for the full race, but I’m old, so I’ll probably pass out for a bit at some point.

Maybe there will be a freak hail storm and the race will get red flagged for a few hours around 1am EST so I can nap and not miss anything. Maybe Lady SonicGabe will get me some nice takeout for dinner so I can eat something better than the quicky grub I bought, albeit healthy quicky grub. Though I am sitting on two pints of Ben & Jerry’s non-dairy... It might be vegan, but it sure as hell ain’t healthy!

Ok, time for a four hour nap. Don’t want to miss the start. Also, I don’t normally make predictions or pick favorites for this race. I just want a nail biter. But this year, I am pulling for the #68 Ford GT. My pseudo-neighbor, Sébastien Bourdais, is driving and it’ll be fantastic to see him and Ford win their class.

Ok, time for that nap now...

8:53am - I’m all set up! The iPad is running the WEC app going in to the tv. I’ve got my spotter guide printed out (mainly to put a big X over cars as they crap/crash out). I’ve got my Cliff Builder’s Bar (chocolate and peanut butter FTW!) and my Arizona energy something or other. Just waiting for the wet safety car start! LET’S DO THIS!


9:02am - Racing! Kind of. Apparently it’s a record for the earliest safety car deployment in Le Mans history, 0:00! Who knew? Hopefully this won’t take too long and we’ll get up to speed soon.

9:18am -Let’s have some fun and make this an Ask Me Anything, too. What the hell. Could be fun. So, go ahead, ask me anything.


9:45am -


Corner table, for sure. It’s the focal point of the room.

10:40am -#12 Rebellion is not well, the #7 Audi already in trouble, and the #60 Formula Racing Ferrari lost a wheel on track. Surprising pace from the GTE Pro Porsches, well maybe not surprising, but overlooked. Interesting battle between Audi and Toyota, hope it keeps up to the end.



11:50am - Oh crap. I’m so tired from not getting both enough and good sleep. I feel now like I normally would around hour 20 or so. Nothing to crazy happening, so let’s answer some more questions.


Raspberries. Every time. Raspberries are the coach built Miata Shooting Break of berries. The answer is always raspberries. In fact, I have a pound of them in the fridge right now. I will eat them all today.


The badge with the most numbers and letters is obviously the best.


1:45pm - I just watched F1 qualifying. What the hell? Without spoiling it, someone was trying a bit hard and it bit them in the ass. Back to Le Mans. Cars are starting the crap and crash out. I need to catch up on who’s out. I need to eat lunch. I need a nap. No. No nap. Not going to happen. I can do this. I do it every year (except that one year where I totally passed out around 6am and didn’t watch the end of the race off my DVR for three weeks). It might be time for a Monster or Rockstar or something highly caffeinated. I’ve been hold out on starting the concentrate caffeine for as long as possible, but it might finally be time.


Also, the sick cat is doing much better. We really thought he wasn’t going to make a few days ago. Lady SonicGabe is very knowledgeable in such matters and we got him back from death’s door.

So what’s happening in this race again? Who the hell is leading? I have no idea.


2:20pm - “Kobayashi in the lead”: Words I never thought I’d hear.


Ligiers are cool, but Oreca makes a helluva vacuum. It’s too close to call.

4:45pm - Night time. Only one car out so far? Maybe two. Highly doubtful when the sun comes up that it’ll be like that. Should be interesting.


Also, we ate our raspberries.

7:40pm -Shortly after my last update, I tried to buy ticket from Ticketmaster using one of the free ticket codes I received from the class action settlement. The short version is that their system accepted the code, adjusted the price from $64.80 down to $2. But they still charged me $64.80.


I’ve spent the last two hours trying to get a person on the phone to help me. They refunded my money and said they have no idea when anyone would be able to use their vouchers. Ticketmaster sucks so bad, they can’t even give stuff away for free without fucking it up.

Anyway, wasn’t I watching a race? Thankfully, there were lots of yellows, slow zones, and a safety car when I was dealing with the most aggravating company ever.


Sucks about the #1 Porsche.

10:30pm - At the 12 hour mark, I shamefully took a nap. It was for only 30 minutes. I have failed.


Time for a late dinner and then the push through sunrise! I’m slightly delirious and need caffeine. It’s going to be a fun night.

11:07pm - No on has really ask me anything in a while. I’m sad.

Ok, not really. Just hungry. My dinner still isn’t done. Almost...

11:40pm - Just over nine and half hours to go. Plus the Formula One race right after Le Mans ends. Damn it!


Hey look! Fan mail!


Glad you enjoyed the pizza. Yes, you can have either or both of those. Just go to the closest dealership and tell them I said you could have either or both.


Both Proton Porsches look fantastic. I was kinda disappointed in the lack of really crazy liveries this year.


No. Because danger. Early 60s, I think. Because danger. The Le Mans Start was used in many other series around the world. It looks amazingly frantic, but incredibly unsafe.


Haven’t. Sorry.

Midnight -It’s been an interesting race so far. It seems like some of the favorites are down and out, but with this much time left, if they are running, don’t discount anyone. Well, you can discount some. The #7 Audi looks to be out of contention, but stupider things have happened. Remember when all the Peugeots all blew up towords the end a few years ago (2013?)? If you aren’t too many laps down and you’re running at the end, anything can happen.


I couldn’t even guess how this will play out. Toyota is looking really strong, but all it takes is one GT car to spin across the track and it’s a whole new race. Just one little wire could come loose and it’s a whole new race.

I’m still pulling for the #68 Ford so I can have an excuse to stalk Sébastien when he’s not on the road.


(Please note, I will not be stalking Sébastien or anyone. It was a joke. But, Sébastien, if you read this, drop me a line. Let’s talk cars or whatever. Or not. It’s cool. But really, give me your phone number as I’m starting a neighborhood phone tree for emergencies. Yeah, a phone tree... Yeah. So just get that to me. Yeah...)

1:20am - Three cars out in about 10 minutes.

2:17am -Unless something really odd happens, this is going to be one helluva finish. It’s gonna be a nail biter! Time for more caffeine!


Also, a question!


The Magic Eight Ball says “Reply hazy try again” for both.

I think Mazda is close to doing something great with their Skyactive racing engines, but they aren’t there yet. That being said, a few years ago, Ford’s EcoBoost racing engines were crap. So, Mazda will get there.


As far as $kay goes, I honestly have no idea, so i’ll $kay will bake cookies if the #68 wins it’s class.

Also, I just ate a pint of this.


2:37am - Drive through for the #68 Ford!

4:54am - Am I hallucinating? Did the #68 Ford take the lead in GTE Pro? Is this really happening? Is Audi really out of contention? Is Toyota really going to do this? I must be hallucinating.


I better drink some more caffeine.

5:55am - The Risi spins! It’s Ford’s race to loose now.

And that #6 Toyota is about to fall apart.

Can Porsche pull this off?

Do I even know how to sleep anymore?

7:35am - I think I’m hallucinating from sleep deprivation. I keep seeing the #28 Pegasus spinning off in to the gravel again and again and again and again and again. It just won’t stop!


9:00am - I made it. I think.

America. Fuck yeah?

Did that just happen?

Did Ford really do it on the anniversary year?

Did My pseudo-neighbor just win his class at Le Mans, his hometown?

Did Porsche just pull the luckiest win ever out of their ass?

Did Sausset just do the most amazing thing ever?

Was this one the best Le Mans that I’ve ever seen?

Was it all a dream?

I was going to watch F1 straight away, but I need sleep. F1 is recording on the DVR. It can wait. They’ll probably all crash in to Bowser’s Castle on lap one.


Ok, no more typing. It’s hard to see well enough to type. Need sleep.

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