If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

My least terrible idea yet.

Land Cruiser? T100? 1st-gen Tundra? Nononon... 2nd gen Tundra, regular cab, 5.7L, SHORT boi!

I drove a 2014 Tundra longbed for one year, then a 2007 longbed (both with the 5.7) for work. I loved the power and pull, but it was a real big boi. But a shortbox (6.5ft ain’t bad) would cut a lot of that anxiety. 4x4 for Forest Service roads, huge bench that comfortably fits 3 adults — or wife and doggo more likely — and the usual “MAH TRUCK” utility.

These configurations — 5.7, reg cab, short box, 4x4, SR5 — are not common, but they’re not STUPID rare just yet. Cheapest one I’ve found was $18,999... So this idea is actually even more expensive than the 100-series Landy...

... What the hell am I doing?

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