So Oppo, how do you find a car that keeps you happy in the long run? There is no doubt that there are bunch of fun cars out there, but how do you keep yourself happy? Do you have a car that has kept you happy for a while?

Let me explain, many of us use our cars for daily driving, some of us drive economy cars, some of us drive sports cars, luxury cars, comfy cars... you get the point. Many of use will normally keep said car for at least, lets say, 4 years. So how do you get yourself a car that continues to make you happy, 4+ years down the road?

Now, the obvious answer might just be, "Buy a sports car, DBWine". But I think happiness extends beyond just having a car that's enjoyable to drive. What! I'm crazy? Hear me out.

I think happiness means finding a balance that works for you, for the long run. Buying a sports car will keep me happy for a while, until paying for it (gas, insurance, payments etc.) starts to make me unhappy, until I eventually need to get rid of it. Likewise, buying an economy car (such as what I've done currently) makes me happy because it's good on gas, has plenty of rooms for things, but has become a little annoying (see snoredom) to drive and makes me want to get rid of the car. So, wants your balance? I've yet to find mine.