I like cars. I like ridiculous cars. There's just a bizarre and natural allure to cars that are none too good, but have features which are ultimately quite lovable. Now, I drive a Golf GTI on a daily basis. It even has DSG. BLARGH. You might tell me that it's largely quite a boring car, and you're largely right. It's fun, but liveable. So what's ridiculous? A car that leans into corners like an old man in his chair, sounds like it has cams done when it's really quite broken, and putts along town with all 90 roaring horses.

What sort of pot of magic is this? Why it's the 1986 Talbot Solara. Yes. I own one. No, it's not a convertible built for middle aged women suffering a midlife crisis. And no I don't have pictures. Largely because it's sitting under a tree 3000 miles away and I never think of snapping a picture when I'm working on it. Here's a file photo for your amusement.


Obviously I own the premier SX version with an equally premier TorqueFlite 3 speed automatic. Extremely rare, actually. Yet, as awful as it all sounds, and perhaps looks, it still puts a ridiculous smile on my face. The way the 1.6L 4 pot designed by men more worried about the parts in their hair and their respective mistresses taps and struggles to move. The way it can't corner whatsoever. The way it still takes super, nothing less. The way everything is lovably French. The two spoke steering, the analog beep off the trip computer, and so on. It is truly ridiculous, yet I can't get enough of the thing. More file photos!

So this is my intro to Oppo, hope to write more soon. I certainly wouldn't mind it. Pictures are coming, I swear.

Photo credits to: Motorbase and NTLWorld respectively