They admitted Chandler to the NICU (at 1:30 A.M.) for at least 48 hours. His CBC showed some immature white blood cells and a slightly low platelet count. So all that, combined with his rough and slightly elevated breathing, point to signs of an infection. So, they are starting him on antibiotics now just in case. In the mean time, we are waiting on results of a chest x-ray and a culture to confirm if it is an infection. The culture will take about 48 hours. If it does come back and show an infection in the bloodstream, he will have to stay in the NICU on antibiotics for 7 days. Otherwise, just 48 hours.

As of right now, that’s all we know. So, there unfortunately can’t be any visitors right now, which sucks. Please keep little Chan Man and his worried momma and daddy in your prayers.