She is 100% ok, but her beloved W210 might be ded :’( 

She was at a stop sign just after leaving her job. She stated to go forward when a older Silverado that was behind her drove around her, R3KT the rear side of the bed all over her front bumper as he turned right. The truck then hopped a curb going to the opposing lane then hopped the curb back to the right lane and into an AutoZone parking lot hitting 2 more cars. Once the truck knew there was no exit, he got back on the road and took off now with 2 punctures. The truck had an old paper tag. Police wrote the indecent as a criminal something or whatever. They are reviewing the cam footage from AutoZone.

I got her this W210 a couple years back so she could use it to get to and from school (UHD). Ever since she was little and back when I was still a cliche auto enthusiast, she really enjoyed leaning about auto maintenance, car wash, general upkeep. She quickly found her favorite brand, Mercedes-Benz. The first W210 I got her was totaled over a relatively small hit, but it was in that sweet spot where some coooler lines run, condenser, radiator, along with a lot of individual panels.

I got that first 00' E320 for $4500, insurance company totaled it and paid $5500, purchased this latest one for $5000. It was lower miles, cleaner overall, with Nav, and it was an 02'.


Not sure if this car will see the same fate. What is tru fax is that my little sister was suuuuuuper bummed out :’(

She genuinely loves her tank. I wish I felt that way about my vehicles. I mean, she kept it clean always, oil changes and all maintenance on time. The car didn’t have one issue and is perfectly dry underneath. Not even the classic rear main is leaking lol :] Such a fine example of what makes a W210 legendary. Finger’s crossed this one doesn’t get totaled.



EDIT: Totaled :’(