Today I got the owner to tell me all about his VW bus restomod, and other projects (caged Hayabusa go-kart, anyone?). We then proceeded to draw up rough drafts for multiple Miata fabrication ideas, from rear-mounted spare tire carrier a la FJ Cruiser to skid plates, pod style rally lights, and tons of other potential modifications. I want to work here.

Funny thing is, first time I visited 425 Motorsports, the salesman helping me out came across as pretty pushy, just trying to get a sale. Bit condescending too, as I didn’t know a ton about the types of belt I wanted (pull-up? Pull-down? Whaaaa). Almost decided to go elsewhere after that visit, but gave them another chance... Definitely the right choice. The owner has been there every time since then, and has always been the one to help me out, whether it’s going outside and showing me the right way to wrap my shoulder belts or just shooting the shit for an hour when I swing by after work. The other techs and salespeople I’ve met here have been pretty cool aswell. Knowledgeable about racing, from the local grassroots scene, to the big leagues, and they know exactly how to outfit you and your vehicle for any of it.

Me, carrying in about ten steering wheels after I’d finished testing them in my car - “don’t worry, I put most of the wheels back. These don’t have security tags, right?”

The front desk employee - “thanks! Oh and if you see an LS crate engine on your credit card statement don’t be alarmed. In fact, I’d like to personally thank you for the .donation to Project Sleeper-Sable” (but actually, one of the employees is building a sleeper Mercury Sable. Doesn’t get more sleeper than that)


Somehow I’ve managed to find an incredible race shop/fabricator for all my parts needs, a great performance shop for tuning and mechanical work, and an equally wonderful upholstery and collision specialist all in the last year. All staffed by enthusiasts, and craziest of all... They’re all charging well under the average price for this area, despite some stellar work and good reputations. The performance shop charges $65/hr. That’s insanely cheap. Anyways, if you need stuff done, or want to sit in seats before buying them, stop by and 425 Motorsports. Awesome crew


(edit) found a picture for the Owner’s Porsche, which is currently on Bring A Trailer. Anyone want to spot for some cash..? GLWS