Yup. My Blazer was the most reliable vehicle I’ve ever owned... until today. Not only did we lose 3rd gear and OD, it sprayed burnt smelly ATF all over my R6 and the UHaul trailer, and I missed another track day. And since I had already pulled off the license plate and mirrors and left them at home, I couldn’t just hop on and make tech on time. Clearly even just towing a yellow vehicle will activate The Curse.

For those keeping score at home:
this is the third time in less than 30 days that one of my vehicles has been on a flatbed.
Our running joke is that after doing an oil change and getting a new air filter yesterday, the 4L60 just couldn’t handle the extra 1/2 HP.


On the bright side, we’re all safe, the dog (now our most reliable Chevy) had a great time, and at least Travis had AAA and we were about 80 miles from home. His dad also came out to bring the trailer + bike back home (we bought him lunch and beers in return), and the ATF came off easily with dish soap.

Before I started using rest stop TP to clean off the grime.


TL;DR: I can’t even have not-nice things! Time to drink my own piss heavily.