Got rear ended yesterday by a crazy dude. He was upper 50s low 60s, driving a ~15 Silverado 2500 with a huge bush bar. He brake checked me twice for no reason, so I honked. He brake checked harder, so I passed him on a 2 lane road through town. Legal, but not suggested. He really didn’t appreciate that, so he started following me very closely, screaming, and giving me a variety of gestures. For whatever reason, he did not expect me to come to a stop a 4 way stop on that road, despite a usual police presence due to its location (2 blocks from a police station). I knew it was close, but he must of lightly tapped me. I didn’t notice it, I just thought my transmission got confused when setting off. I continued, the guy followed me. I went through downtown and thought I lost him in traffic. I continued to the school I student teach at and as I was walking in, he notices me. I alert security and make myself scarce. He leaves, I check my car, there’s no damage. I’m still not sure I got hit, if I did I can’t notice the damage over where the hit and run damaged my car. He ends up contacting police because he wants my insurance (only somewhat concerning). I meet with them while I’m supposed to be in class. They’re super nice, explain that I’m not at fault, and while passing on that street isn’t suggested, I didn’t do anything wrong. They said his story doesn’t make sense with the location and he contradicts himself a few times, so they note that in the report. Fingers crossed he doesn’t try anything with insurance.

TL;DR Missouri boomers love to rage over nothing, a crazy guy rear-ended me, but there’s no damage to either car, so he’s making it much ado about nothing.

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