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My luck is just so...

So with my motorcycle tire not holding air last weekend, the power supply on my computer crapping out on Thursday, and when I got my car out of storage Saturday I found the trunk full of mouse and weasel shit. I have it the trifecta of bad luck.

The spent 3 hours Saturday cleaning and bleaching the trunk of the car. I’ve spent four half days diagnosing my computer; Thursday evening when I found the PSU failed I put my old PSU in and was happy to see the computer boot up, I also submitted an RMA request to Thermaltake. Friday evening I got approval from Thermaltake for the RMA. I booted the computer back up for a more in-depth look, I found that only the SSD boot drive was working while both hard disks were not showing up, I checked the BIOS and they didn’t show up there either. So I switched the SATA and power cables around and tested different ports on the MB and PSU trying to get them to work. Saturday afternoon I go buy new SATA cables and a hard drive dock , thinking the cables I had may have been damaged and I wanted a way of testing the hard drives independent from the computer. Sunday afternoon I setup the dock and pull the bad drives from my computer and test them in the dock both won’t power up. Now good news is as I had been planning on upgrading Win 7 to Win 10, my important documents had been backed up a couple weeks ago. So I took this time to do the upgrade as my SSD only had 3gigs available space and I had gotten a 4tb hard drive for Christmas that I was waiting to do the clean Windows install before putting it in my computer. Did I test the new drive in the dock before installing it in the computer? No. Did it show up in the BIOS or make any kind of noise at all to indicate it was working? No. I then pulled it out of the computer, put it in the dock where it didn’t work. Not knowing how this dock was exactly supposed to work I pulled an old laptop drive I had out of storage and put it in the dock where it spun up and could be accessed in the computer through USB. So now I suspecting the motherboard is shorting the drives out somehow, but I have to know for sure so I connect the worthless laptop drive into my desktop where when I turn the computer on I hear a spark, look down to see the warm glow of fire coming from the hard drives power plug, and a crackle sound as the hard drive shoots sparks at the power cable. I deposed the computer as I realize this is going to take alot of time and money to fix.


I’m going to send the PSU away for warranty. I’m going to attempt to get warranty on the 4tb drive I got for Christmas. I’m definitely going to have to buy a new motherboard and because my CPU is a i7-3770k with the older lga1155 socket, I'll likely have to buy a new cpu to match.

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