My Miata is currently useless around corners

When applying power in a turn, I’m getting a lot of tire chatter and wheel hop. This is new, and not pleasant. Sounds like there’s a rattle coming from my passenger side rear wheel area. Any ideas? Wheel bearing? Is my LSD on it’s last leg?

My tires are absolutely beat from a year of dd’ing, and lots of offroading, but still provide a good amount of grip. I guess the tires could have something to do with this issue, but I would have expected everything to have changed gradually over time and not just one day go from gobs of grip and occasional powerslides to wheel hop. Any advices would be appreciated

Like I said, pretty beat. Drifting, autox, roadtrips and dd’ing year round will do that to a 200tw tire.

Ps: the rear lip spoiler got partially torn off offroading and I keep meaning to reattach/replace it... but it’s been so nice I’ve been using my free days to go drive instead

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