Though this evening silhoutte shot hit my heart in the very bottom video, it was the drifting and bouncing off the rev-limiter like an old Subie in the video directly below these words that cemented it for me. Demographic is 30-40 year old male Kia owners looking to move upmarket so I’d hate to disappoint a statistic that has my name on it. Damn, I want to keep the Amanti though so the Jaguar XF might be getting kicked out.

*Note: Not actually purchasing a Stinger due to moving towards a debt free lifestyle. Nice try though!

*Note II: Im probably the one person on the planet that publicly proclaims Kia as their favorite brand (right in front of Maserati, Jaguar, and Porsche). Im kind of obligated to MYSELF to grab one of these, so we’ll see what I do.