In the past 5 years, my wife has had 1 vehicle, her Jeep. I’ve had seven. Most are familiar here.

First up, the 2012 Tundra CrewMax. Owned this one when she bought the Jeep. Lovely large truck. It was leased, and instead of buying it at the end of the lease, I went small and got the...

2014 FoST. It was fine, but not for me, even though I like hatchbacks. I kept this for 11 months before getting the...


2015 Tacoma. Great little truck. I could see buying an older Access Cab to keep around for truck duties. Ultimately though, in typical me fashion, it was time for something different. Just like I had always wanted a Tacoma, 4Runners have held my attention for a while, too. So the last DD in the list is the 2019 4Runner.


But wait! There’s more! What about the project cars, you ask? Well here they are!

1992 Miata


Fun car, but wanted a project with 4 seats as my son got older and more interested in going for rides. Enter the...

Cougar. As far as coolness factor for me, one of the coolest cars I’ve owned. I just felt at peace driving this around. As time went on though, the mounting rust repair, body work bills started stressing me out. The stress wasn’t worth it anymore. Nothing has replaced it yet as far as project cars go, but something will. That’s why I didn’t stetch the budget when I bought the 4Runner. Reasonable cost there means I’ve left room for an additional vehicle when the right one pops up.


Almost forgot the 2 month car! 1999 Honda CX hatchback. I’m not gonna lie, I wish I would’ve kept this one as a commuter while we’re hosting the billet kid. Had I known about the amount of driving I have ended up doing, this would’ve been perfect to keep for a year or so for that role.

Beyond this list, I’ve had 20 other cars/trucks, and a handful of motorcycles.