It's not the car most "car people" would seem to want, but it's what she wants...

Ever since I've learned about the plethora of recalls on my mom's '99 Ford Windstar(Nicknamed the "Super Pinto"), and my recent addictive online car shopping hobby, I've been urging her to start finding something newer(read as "better") to replace that old heap of junk that was now decorated with rust spots and holes along the passenger doors and a "check oil light" that wouldn't go away.

Finally, a couple weeks ago, she decided that she would start looking at cars when she got back from her trip to Africa this summer; but being the car guy I think I am, I started months before!

Currently, she owns a retail store that requires her to carry items and gear back and forth from time to time, so cargo was of course a huge factor in her next car; she also liked sitting high like in a mini-van and big cars; my Dad on the other hand, said she's need something smaller, so an SUV would be the best choice.

This evening, I brought up the topic of finally starting a search for a car because I'm very persistent when it comes to car-related things and if I didn't bring it up now, I would later; so I showed her the most logical and suitable options based on her needs.


The only way for her to decide on a car was by appearance first so in order to find the best car it had to look like something she'd drive. The only rule we had was from my "buy domestic" Dad that said her car had to be, well, domestic!

1. Ford Escape/Ford Edge

when I first showed her the '14 Escape, she thought it was a "fatter Focus" and preferred the previous gen to the newer; she though it was too curvy for her...


Then I showed her the Edge, it was simply too bulbous at the front...Oh well!

She also decided that she wanted to move away from Ford and try something different, which I was completely okay with!

3. Buick Encore

She really liked it, inside and out; but when I showed her the specs for cargo cap. she threw it out the window really quick!


4. Chevy Equinox

Looked too much like the Saturn Vue(I wonder why....) which meant it was ugly

5. Jeep Cherokee

When I first showed her a pic of this, she was rather impressed with it! Which would probably make any car enthusiast cringe as if someone were scratching nails to a chalkboard. But the design has kinda grown on me a bit and I'm not ashamed to say that either! She was curious as to why the grill was slanted and sharp-nosed but put that aside because of the 67 cubic feet of space it offered!


She also loves the Eco Green Metallic and I told her we'll go look at a couple once it warms up hear or when summer arrives; whichever comes first really...


Any thoughts on this? She can't be swayed to anything else either...

Question: Anyone got one of these Cherokee's? Test Drive? Engine choice? Trim Levels? Howabout that 9spd fancy automatic they got in it?

That is all for me tonight! Too make up for all that Cherokee, here's a beautiful 911!