My mom fixed a thing!

My mom is not what most of us would consider a car enthusiast, though she does love her old Camry. She’s had a check engine light on for about a year for an oxygen sensor. She didn’t want to pay the shop to fix it and she wouldn’t let me replace it the last time I was home, so I told her just to keep an eye on things and let it go (no emissions there).

A few weeks ago she was complaining about gas mileage and I told her she should probably think about replacing it. Told her what part to get, found her some resources online and finally convinced her this was something she could do.

Well, the part came today and she replaced it! She reconnected the battery, drove the car, and her check engine light and traction control lights are both off again! Obviously no word yet on the gas mileage but I’m really proud of her. (And also secretly very glad we were right about the issues and she didn’t run into any problems).


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