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My Mom Is The Coolest

My mom loves fast cars, like any good mom should. She was also a huge Magnum P.I. fan, so when I was in junior high, my dad bought her a Ferrari 308 GTSi. I always thought it was a ‘79, but it must have been an ‘80 because that was the first year with the fuel injection, apparently. We can’t seem to find a photo of it. This was in the days before camera phones, so we weren’t taking a picture ever 5 seconds. Anyway, it was the most amazing car in the world and is one of the reasons I became a jalop. It was absolutely beautiful and it felt like you were in a rocket ship with that engine roaring right behind your head. I know by today’s standards, it’s not the most impressive performance car, but who cares? It was a Ferrari and it looked incredible and everyone wanted to talk to you about it. And, when she’d pick me up at school in it, I was a hero. The car never have her any trouble, but she only kept it a few years. It’s not cheap owning a Ferrari. But, those were glorious years. Now that she’s 81, she really wants a 911, no joke. Happy Mother’s Day, ma.


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