I'm proud of her for trusting me the CPO 2013 EX-L in alabaster silver with 12k miles was a better deal than the brand new 2014 EX. $24,800 (I think she ended up paying $23,800 after some negotiations) versus $27,100, but also with the Honda CPO extended warranty and all the extra equipment in the EX-L; I was happiest with the safety stuff, since my mom is 68.

The only downside is the half point difference in interest, although she's about to settle my grandmother's estate and come into about $150,000 of inheritance. Now we just have to decide if she'd do better by investing 100% of that, buying a small house for retirement (she rents a condo now), or paying off the car in one payment and investing the (significant) remainder.

NO difference between a 2013 and a 2014 in this trim, BTW.

She also negotiated $4500 for her '05 Corolla CE with 100k miles, which had NO options, not even power windows. That wasn't terrible either. I know she could have gotten more through private sale, but she couldn't handle that on her own and I'm too far away to help.

I also have known the salesman since I was 12. His mom and my mom were teaching buddies for about 20 years too. I trust the deal.