While I was taking my mom out to grab some ice cream I saw a 1st generation BMW X6 in the parking lot. I thought to myself, “What a great opportunity to bring up the subject of abortions with mother!” So I asked her what she thought of that BMW SUV. She looked around trying to figure out which of the three cars I was talking about. I said that big BMW with the sloping rear end. She replied, “the sedan?!”

We were driving up to it now in my Grand Cherokee and I pulled up near it and asked, “How do you see that as a sedan, its the same size as the Jeep?” She completely discredited that statement, letting me know that the X6 we were currently staring directly at was much smaller than the WK2. She then stated that it was a “very cute car.”

Perceptions, Oppo.

*Full disclosure, I am very attracted to the first generation X6. Don’t care for the second gen and am not fond of the GLE Lift-UV. On a separate note, since my mother is always deserving of the royal treatment, naturally I took her to the only frozen confectionery fit for a matriach...Diary Queen.