My mom was targeted by a scam a few days ago.

(Disclosure: I wasn't there and am telling this story identically how my mom told me.)

It all started at 8am, my mom left early for an 8:30 appointment. Pulling off her street onto a 4 lane road, it spits into a divided 4 lane road with a median about 200 yards down from our street. There was no one on the road but a "black Pontiac" sitting in the turnaround of the median.

He pulled out directly behind her and started tailgating, he eventually started flashing his brights to get my mother to pull over. (Short story on my mother, she's a nervous wreck. Honks at leaves, drives five under, typical nervous driver.) She sees him, a black male overweight about in his 40's. My mom of course panics, because that's how she is. She continues driving about the speed limit for a good 2 miles.

This man becomes angry because I'm sure anyone would at least pull over except my mom. He then pulls up beside her, my mom cracks the window and hears him scream "you hit someone back there, pull over".


My mom ignores him, and continues to drive while calling me 12 times.. I was at work and never saw. She got ahold of my dad who told her to call 911. She does. Tells the operator that a man is chasing her. Operator says a man just called in a red SUV that hit a bicyclist. Operator says to pull over now.

My mom being a stubborn nervous wreck doesn't and keeps driving to the next town over, the man eventually stops following her. Sheriffs catch up to her and finally get her to stop.

I guess the sheriff was extremely nice, did a walk around the car and says there is no way you hit anyone. The fire department and emt responded to the area and couldn't find anyone. They even searched a 5 mile area and couldn't find anyone on a bike or witnesses.


The man that followed her called in on a burn phone and couldn't be found. Officer said it sounds like a scam that's been happening recently.

Just bought a dash cam for her. Hopefully she'll never have to use it but at least nothing bad happened this time around, probably due to her stubborness.