Almost perfect...

I’ve been trying to capture this for years*, but have none of the appropriate equipment. I finally realized I could just... set my phone inside the mailbox and viola! *no really, somehow this didn’t occur to me until recently.

What happens here, is the town comes and plows straight ahead (right to left from the camera’s perspective) just about the width of the road, leaving 2/3 of the cul-de-sac unplowed, with a nice pile of snow between. Now, this was only about 1.5" of snow. When we get more, I can get a nice big cloud of snow over the whole car as I go through. I’ll try for that next snowstorm.

If you look closely, you can see a couple dabs of left foot brake. My record for “times around steering only with my feet” is three - as in, I get the car sliding, then don’t move the wheel at all. Three complete loops is all I’ve been able to do without being concerned about meeting a snowbank or the mailbox. This time I had to use the wheel quite a bit, due to the varied traction between the plowed/sanded and unplowed areas. Lame, I know. I can do better.