For years now, my neighbor drove the same car: a beige 2001 Mercury Sable. Yesterday, as I walk by their house, I notice that the Sable isn't where it is always parked. Instead, a newer Miata is in its place. He happens to be standing outside by it so I decide to stop and talk.

He told me that there was nothing wrong with the Sable. It was just so boring. He hated the bland color, looks, and driving qualities. He went to our local Mazda dealer and came home with this. Its a 2009 Miata in dark blue (looks just like the one above, except that picture is from Google) with the folding hard top and... a 6 speed manual! He said that he loves this car. He regrets not getting one sooner. The funniest part? He didn't consult his wife and she still doesn't know (she most likely just found out at the time of this posting).


I never pictured him as a car person. He drove a beige Mercury. How was I ever going to know? Below is what his old car looked like (again from Google, not his actual car). Just thought I'd share!

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