Last night after I got home from work, I did my usual thing. Kissed the wife, hugged the kid, pet the animals. Then I decided to make more progress on my motor swap. Progress was going ok, a few bumps but nothing too terrible. My wife & daughter decide to go to a local park with our neighbor's wife and kids. Cool, no distractions! I can wrench in the garage and sing along off key to Power of Love in peace!

Then it happened. I ran into an issue getting the power steering pump off the car. While I was fighting the mount bolts my neighbor came home.

It was a beautiful day yesterday in the Seattle area. low to mid 60s, pretty clear skies. Great wrenching weather if I do say so. My neighbor would usually agree, but not yesterday. OH NO! He had another plan. You see, he recently did something I've always thought of doing, but never had the time/cash to do. He got his private pilot's license. So instead of helping me wrench, he suggested we fly. He's a terrible influence on me. Did I mention he also brews his own beer and allows me free reign to his kegerator in his garage?

So we went down to the local airport, preflighted and off we went to check out Snoqualmie Falls.

Since it was short notice, all I had with me was my iPhone. Can't complain about the pics though. While we were flying to the falls, Brent had me scanning for other aircraft in the area. I noticed a white dot off our nose as he was looking out his side of the aircraft and called it out. It was low (just above the trees) and we were climbing through 2000 ft so we weren't worried about hitting them. He thought it was a paraglider, but I thought it was too close to the high tension power lines for that. Then I had a thought, I had once watched a documentary on how they maintain those power lines. Sure enough, that's what was going on.

Then we decided to do a touch and go at Renton Municipal Airport. It was an awesome approach over Lake Washington.


A dab of aero-oppo to bleed off some speed.


And full throttle past the brand new 737s to head back home.


Eh, I guess I can let him slide for this assholishness.