My neighbor was talking to my dad one time and they're both into American cars, while the neighbor's kid and me prefer imports. (My neighbor has a Dodge Charger R/T, my dad has a Mustang GT, and I have a Lancer Ralliart.)

In the 3 years that my neighbor has lived a few houses down, I never actually knew how old that kid was. Today in the conversation, my neighbor goes "You know, I don't get it with these kids, and why they want these turbocharged cars when you can have a v8 blah blah blah." and my dad asks about the new WRX in his driveway. My neighbor goes "it's my son's. I got it for him so that he would stop bugging me." My dad told my neighbor about how my dad didn't buy me my Lancer, but rather, it was me from working a job straight since highschool. My neighbor then remarks "I wish my son would do that." My dad asked how old his son was. He was 30.