Five or six of us were gathered around the patio heater drinking in the driveway when a car came in dark and fast a few doors up.

A couple of guys got out and by the time I was able to think to myself, "Who has a Crown Vic....?" Four guys with gear were marching down the sidewalk and looked at us and said, "You need to get in your house, now." at least 10 more officers followed.

we went in the garage, turned off the lights and waited. later the heavy hitters walked back up the street and said, false alarm, "You guys can get back to what you're doing." I said, "But, but, you made everybody go home." Funny SWAT guy said, "Yeah, kind of a buzzkill, right." We all laughed.

There was a get together at the targeted house. Looked like family, lots of cousins, etc.. It was pretty dramatic to hear the kids screaming down there. Apparently the guy's estranged wife called in some dramatic claim to get the police to show up. Sad.