What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

Pull up at a stoplight behind a GL550 that has a sticker on the back that says “Smile, you’re on dashcam”. Light turns green, and a driver in a Jetta (with kids in the back FFS) tries to make a *very* late left turn in front of the now moving traffic, and fails, while nearly hitting a car in the left lane, gets honked at.

The GL550 sits there for another solid 3 count, then *slowly* accelerates to 25 mph. In a 35 zone. I pass the giant speedbump, and sure enough it’s a woman holding her phone like it’s a slice of pizza and *looking at it* while she yammers away at it.  I wonder if the dashcam records her inattentiveness??


I’m 100% sure she was on her way to yoga/Starbucks where she will take up 2 spaces with it because she can’t be bothered to pay any attention.

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