So yesterday when taking out the trash I found out one of the people living down the street has a Pandhard BT24 which he parks under several old school English motorcycles in various states of disassembly in his garage. On the next street over there is a guy that has several Saab Sonnets and multiple saab 96s. In my street there are some garage boxes. One of these has a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow stashed inside which gets taken on out literal Sunday drives by a older guy and his wife. Another houses another Saab 96 and yet another houses a Saab 9-3 brown manual estate. The next street down there is a white 80's Chevy Blazer, which is something that is far from a common sight in the Netherlands.

So yeah. Considering I live in the old town center of a small city, that’s a pretty good haul of cars to have around.

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