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My nerves are shot to hell

I started this post earlier today and it ended up being a long rambling story of my job hunt over the last year which I figured no one likely wanted to read so here is a much shorter version of it!

My old pupper who’s pretending to be as anxious as me about this
My old pupper who’s pretending to be as anxious as me about this

So last November I interviewed at one of the major tech companies and it went well, but right before Christmas they informed me they selected another candidate but loved me and they were working on another position they wanted me in. This was good(ish) news to me so I trundled along at my current job and checked in about once a month with the recruiter to see if there was any movement.

In the meantime I did keep interviewing at other places being very selective about where I wanted to go as I do have a good job still, just bored with it. This lead to a couple offers, one which I declined back in January and another mid-March that the company rescinded as they paused hiring during the pandemic.


At the original company I’ve since been bounced around 3 recruiters with little or no information until late last week. The third recruiter reached out to pass me onto a 4th recruiter but mentioned specifically starting this process up again. I replied that I was still interested, but measured my excitement until today.

I now have a call with the department director tomorrow and the recruiter told me that it will not be required for me to go through the formal interview loop. This seems like very good news and I’m nearly unable to control myself, but I have to keep calm and clean my office for the video call tomorrow.

The job isn’t mine yet but man am I started to get excited...

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