So yesterday I bought my first car. A 1985.5 Porsche 944! Grey paint wrapped around a black interior sitting on some classic 80's phone dial rims. About a quarter of a million miles on the chassis with a new transmission, clutch, radiator, and timing belt, resealed engine and steering rack, fresh fluids, tires, and brakes. No aftermarket modifications, and only about 2k miles put on it since 2007. I'm told the previous owner swapped the engine with a lower milage example - but it's hard to tell.

Things that remain to be sorted:

- Suspension (getting some clunking sounds from the front driver's side).

- Passenger window doesn't open

- Minor road rash and rock chips on nose panel and front bumper


The original black seats have been swapped for some tan sports seats (they seem to have more support than the base 944).

There are tons of little fixes that need to be made (cosmetic and otherwise), but I'm hoping all the major expenses - clutch, transmission, etc. - hold out at least for a few years.