SO today I went to pick up my new 944 - as some of you may have heard my purchase experience was less than ideal. Seller really seemed to be taking advantage of my good nature a bit - repeatedly raising the price after we had made agreements and refusing to return my deposit after I tried to walk away.

ANYWAY, today was the day for her to come home. I took the 80 mile drive down to Princeton, NJ with my dad and a fellow 944 owner for the pickup. Things went relatively smoothly - I put the plates and registration on, and we were off.

About a mile down the road I noticed a burning smell. Seemed to be somewhat minor, so I decided to wait until I got to the gas station I was headed to before checking it out. The car felt a little sluggish, but I chalked this up to not having been driven in a while.

When I pulled into the gas station, I quickly noticed a rather large plume of smoke that appeared to be coming from under the hood. When I got out of the car however, I could see the smoke was coming from the front driver's side brakes. They had seized during my 2 mile drive to the gas station and were pouring smoke. In addition to this, I noticed an alarmingly large puddle of coolant growing under the car. Not good signs.


We located a mechanic about 10 minutes away who specialized in Porsches and foreign sports cars and elected to try to limp the car there once the brakes cooled. After about 20 minutes, the pads had separated from the rotor and we made the (slow) trip down the road.

So now, I am penny-less and 944-less. Hoping to get it back soon, but not looking forward to the prognosis and invoice I will be shortly receiving. Updates to come.