My new 944 [UPDATE #2] - Need your help

So I need your help guys. For those of you who have been following the ballad of my troublesome 944, you know I broke down in the car about 2 miles from the sellers house yesterday due to seized brakes and a worn out coolant hose.


I called the seller from the side of the road to inform him and he accused me of tampering with the car or "over-driving" it.

I limped it to a garage nearby hoping that unfreezing the brakes and a new hose was all that would be required. However, this morning I got a much grimmer prognosis than I was expecting.

Amongst small things such as rotors, calipers and tie rods, the car appeared to have had an electrical fire or short at some point. All the electrics worked, but certainly wouldn't hold up for long. And that's just the beginning...

On the mechanic's short test drive (under a mile) the timing belt snapped. Those of you who are familiar with 944's know that a snapped timing belt is essentially the kiss of death. When I purchased the car, I was told that the belt had recently been replaced (within 1,000 miles), and that the car would surely run solidly for at least 10 or 15 thousand miles before needing any serious maintenance.


With the snapped belt, shot suspension and brakes, and fried electrics, this car is essentially done. Without putting about twice what I payed back into rebuilding or swapping the engine, buying all new suspension and brake components, and redoing the wiring harness, the car is toast.

All of this happened within 5 miles of the sellers house, and only after about 10 minutes of pretty mild driving. The car now sits on the mechanics lot, and if it isn't moved shortly, I will be charged a storage fee.


What do I do now? This was my first car, and accounted for about 80% of my life savings. The seller is completely unwilling to corporate or even acknowledge any issues with the car. Being a used car it isn't covered by Lemons Laws, and I don't have anything in writing from the seller about the cars condition to bring to court. He erased the Craigslist post, and I'm not sure how I should proceed.


Anybody have any suggestions? Experiences? I'm really pretty desperate here. I had heard used car horror stories in the past, but this one seems pretty exceptional. I certainly take partial responsibility for not insisting on a PPI, but I never imagined I would be so badly ripped off and taken advantage of.

Anything is welcome.. Thanks

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