My new car!!

Well, looks like I am now the proud owner of the UK’s only Oldsmobile Aurora!! A first generation Purple Pearl Metallic, Canadian-spec 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora to be exact!

I am still stunned by the fact of having found this particular car on Ebay. The Aurora wasn’t the most common car in the first place, especially outside of North American where they were never sold. Also, most of them probably are in car heaven by now due to their low value and common Northstar headgasket issues. I’ve been looking for an Aurora for quite a while now, and after doing a bit of research I actually did manage to find one single photo of a first gen Olds Aurora, taken right here in the UK in 2012. This was just 3 weeks ago:


I even posted a comment under that image writing that I would buy this car the moment I would find its current owner. I never got a reply (the guy who posted the photo was a car spotter from London). However, no 2 weeks later and this exact car popped up on Ebay! I mean seriously what the fuck.

As you can probably tell, it will need tons of work to bring it back to its former glory, and it will likely be an even bigger task than getting the Lincoln back on the road (I haven’t even written all my posts yet...). It will definitely be a surprise considering the only info I got was from this ebay auction and a quick call to the buyer (Mr. Muddyfeet was in the area but couldn’t get a proper time to see the car out of the seller). But I cannot wait for it to arrive here in Newcastle when I can finally have the very first look at my new (old) Aurora, which also happens to be the first Aurora I will have seen irl.

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