I bought it! I’m now the proud owner of a red, manual wagon. I’m very happy with this. (Update: more photos at the end.)

Specifically, it’s a 2005 Volvo V50 T5 AWD. It’s not in perfect condition (a few dings, scratches, peeling clear coat, and warped rotors), and I definitely overpaid a bit. But it hit all my criteria and then some, so given that there were no major problems or red flags, I went ahead and did the deed.


In my few weeks of searching, I have not found another turbo Volvo wagon less than 20 years old that *didn’t* have a leather interior. Plus, it’s actually a color (and almost orange, too), unlike apparently 90% of V50/70s. I’m glad I found this one, and that the buyer ahead of me decided not to buy it to learn how to drive manual in Seattle hills & traffic.

My immediate plans are to figure out how to put in an aux input ASAP, which may involve upgrading the amp and/or speakers (I’d like to hear any advice people have to give on this front). I’ll also be taking a good long look under the hood to see how much of a pain working on this thing might be, but hopefully I won’t have to for a while.

I’m sitting in a Les Schwab while it gets an alignment (it pulls left a bit, and this was called out on the inspection). AMA!


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