My new favorite GIF and worst fear. I hate dumping in second rate poorly built stalls. I hate it when people talk in the restroom. Or when the stall is too close to the sink and you can see someones feet. Or when the stall has huge cracks and you look out and make eye contact with someone and wonder if they can see your junk. Or the door is all loose and you are not sure if the lock will even latch and stay shut. One time a guy didn't notice the stall door was shut when I was "touring the facilities" and tried barging in I guess he didnt know proper stall dum etiquite and check for feet under the stall. He nearly came right in until I kicked the door and yelled "someones in here!" his reply "you should have locked the door" "I did!" "no you didn't" what do you even say to that?I was taking a dump!