None of my clothes fit anymore. They have cafeterias everywhere with subsidized food that is portion controlled and full of vegetables. Hell, I could eat vegetarian every day of the week and not get bored... So much variety that I have yet to resort to a burger, with options including (I’m sure at least a few are missing here): American BBQ, Indian, Italian (including brick oven Neapolitan pizza), Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, Ethiopian, Venezuelan, Dim Sum, Hawaiian, Greek, Fried Chicken, Fish-n-Chips, & Salad Bar. It’s not all amazing, but most is more than workable.

But that isn’t the worst of it. For various reasons, I end up walking all over the campus nearly every day. A 2.7 mile day here, a 4.9 mile day there, and it starts adding up to some serious mileage. Then there’s some cultural thing about taking the stairs - if you’re able-bodied, it’s like a badge of honor to take the stairs everywhere. Even the heaviest people I have met there take the stairs. Four floors worth of stairs doesn’t phase anyone. I have no clue how any of the devs have been able to keep their weight on with an exercise regime like this and food like that...


Then, last week, one of my coworkers talked me into signing up for one of the free ORCA cards they hand out because I realized that my house is a single bus (no transfers) from the campus. Tack on another 0.8 miles, which seems inconsequential after that many overall. It only adds 15-20 minutes of commuting and saves me frustration with traffic, so why not? Besides, can you beat getting to work for free?

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