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My new project.

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It just got dropped off on Friday. It came with a lot of old beetle parts filling the barrel that can be seen beside there, and that don't have such a special storage spot, that just get the ground.


This is my first project this big, and we're thinking about trying to make this the coolest first car ever. The only problem is, we have pretty much no money to spend on it. I'm going to try to get myself a job, but there still won't be much to put towards it.

I was wondering if you guys would be willing to help a fellow enthusiast with tips and suggestions? It's actually really small, and we're thinking of moving those bars beside the cockpit outwards so that it can be a two-seater.


We know that first thing's first, we've gotta sandblast it. Though it looks rusty as hell, that's just surface, it's still strong, and pretty nice underneath.

We've got no drive train parts whatsoever, we need to figure out if we're keeping it's VW suspension or if we're changing it, need to know how we're doing doors, figure out if we want an air-cooled VW engine or something else back there, and figure out where to put the radiator


We need it to fit Canadian laws, and preferably be heated and sealed from the elements on the inside.

Any help from you guys would be well appreciated.

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