So, I know nothing about bikes, but ended up with this project for around free-fifty, so I coulnd't turn it down.

It's (used to be) a '03 Suzuki SV1000S. It's been laid down several times and rattle-canned in a sparkly black color ... everywhere.

Plans are to get it in running order via eBay, go cafe style on the front with dual round lights and apply a tasteful Laguna Seca Blue and titanium gray paint scheme. Then, likely less than 200 miles later, lay it down and destroy most of it.

So far ...

  • Front fairings are obviously destroyed
  • No key
  • Horrible paint everywhere
  • Needs battery
  • Radiator busted (might need fans too)
  • Clutch reservoir destroyed, and master cylinder has been open to elements for a while
  • Front brake line fitting damaged/leaking
  • Clutch handle tweaked
  • Hacked front lighting harness
  • Rodent nest in rear (wires weren't chewed, suprisingly!)
  • Starter woulnd't engage
  • Left side muffler damaged
  • Shift lever broken
  • Rear turn signals missing after fender removal
  • Chain rusted

I'm sure more will come later. But, it should be a fun project.

I've spent a little time on it and got power to it via stealing the battery from the Beetle and clever utilization of jumper cables. I've also started some of the mechanical work and hit up eBay for some early "get it running" items.