So I wanted to share something cool with you guys. I took a road trip up to NoCal over the weekend to take my daughter to visit a few of the universities she was accepted to in the fall. UC Merced was one of them and we stayed with my sister and brother-in-law in Mariposa to save on a hotel one of the nights. They actually live in Santa Cruz but are staying in Mariposa dealing with his brother’s estate (he passed away a couple weeks ago).

While I’d met the guy a couple times before, he was very quiet and I had no idea what he was into. Boy did I find out on this trip. Turns out Dave (that’s his name) was something of a Renaissance Man. Without ANY formal training, the dude taught himself how to build, repair and recondition guitars - the guy was a very gifted Luthier and actually did contract work for Gibson. Additionally, and the reason I writing this, he also handmade custom knives.

My brother-in-law gave me this while I was there. I was so blown away and touched that it almost had me in tears. I mean, LOOK at this thing; Dave’s craftsmanship was astounding. He started with some 440 stainless platestock and smith/shaped and tempered the whole deal, formed the brass hilt, fashioned the handle and custom-handmade the sheath specifically for it. I still can’t get over how cool this is. The neat thing is that I’ve been looking for a good “forever knife” like this lately. I have a few good lockblades already, an old Buck and a plastic handled lightweight Gerber. But this thing … man, this is truly special.



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