My Newest Wheel/Tire Predicament

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I’m looking to buy some new sticky rubber for my car and I can’t stop thinking about trying out Federal’s lineup. The price is extremely appealing to me. My predicament is that the RSR-RR (grippier of the two) doesn’t come in 16 inch sizes! Now I’m on the hunt for the best solution. Anyone with any experience with Federal Tires, or the difference between wheel sizes please chime in. I will be using these mainly for spirited driving, and an occasional autox/track day. I have a second DD set of wheels + tires.


I am trying to find a set of used 17" NC Miata wheels. They are about a pound heavier than my stock 16's, and of course the tire will be slightly heavier too. However, this way I can run the RSR-RR. From my research, turn in will also be better because of a smaller sidewall.

Would I be fine just installing the RSR-R on the 17" wheel? Should I go all out with the RSR-RR? Should I just get the RSR-R for my stock 16" wheels? I am having a hard time deciding between grip/turn in characteristics/weight.


*It seems everyone selling NC Miata wheels on craigslist is a chopshop or a dingus. There are Mazdaspeed Protege 17" wheels from a good seller, but they weight 22lbs! Stock 16" are 16lbs and Miata 17" are 17lbs. Would 5 extra pounds be worth it in unsprung weight just for a grippier tire?

**Also, for those of you who might be curious why I am considering a second rate tire brand, here is how much they would cost me.


16" RSR-R are $305 for 4.

17" RSR-R are $342

17" RSR-RR are $406

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