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My next bugout mod

A stand fan that operates off 12vdc. Why 12vdc? Because I have 2 massive truck batteries I thought were bad but are actually good. Why do you have 2 massive truck batteries you thought were bad but are actually good? Because I have a car that chews through batteries for some odd reason and a truck that was doing the same so I replaced the batteries and they fell flat before long and my AC and dash cam were cycling odd but turns out it was my alternator after all!

So why do- you know the original question I’m not typing it again. Hampton Roads, hit by hurricane Is-something yesterday. Been without power since 6 am. Great news for someone working remotely and an online student. It’s 80° freedom units and 80% humidity with 0 wind. So those 12v batteries would do great powering some fans.


I have 5v battery packs, skookum 13000mah packs at that, but those are for my phone and surface tablet so I can do job responsibilities. AnyDesk for the win.

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