So, I’m a devout Audi fan. Everybody knows that, but it’s getting close to the time where I need a new car. The A4 that I currently have is aging well, but I’d like to get a newer car. It needs to be able to impress clients, be affordable, be German, manual, economical to an extent and tuneable. That’s what leads me to the 128i, I’ve ridden in one and it wasn’t a bad experience at all. I’d like to keep a classic alongside a potential DD, but that really depends on my financial situation down the road.

Here’s my list in no particular order with pros/cons of each. So judge my list and maybe suggest something. I WILL DENY IT IF IT DOESN’T FOLLOW MY PARAMETERS!

Note: I make my car purchases in cash because I’m a baller, shot caller, 20 inch blades in the Impala. $10,000 is my max for the time being. That does not include maintenance, modification and upkeep.

1. Porsche Cayenne (3.2 V6, manual.)

+Looks great, would impress clients and ladies.

+Manual luxury suv.

-Not as tuneable as the others.

-Expensive repairs and service.

-Hard to find.

2. Audi A4 Avant/Sedan (B7, 3.2 V6, manual.)

+Great engine/exhaust note.

+I love the B7 Platform and A4s in general.

-Fairly small cabin space.

-It would be my third A4 in a row.

-Less tuneable than the 1.8t.

3. Bmw 128i

+Peppy and the styling reminds me of the 2002.

-Interior quality/space.

-Less doors than the others.

-Lots of computers that can go wrong.

4. Wild Card.