So I was pretty dead set on getting this ‘86 IROC for my next project. It’s a clean roller with a ton of parts that I can grab for $1,000. I’ve always loved the 3rd gen F-bodies and an IROC is, well, about as mullet-tastic as you can get.

Then my bud tells me that his grandad has not one, but two 1932 Ford Model B pickups. Turns out that he has one Model B with the 4-banger and one Model 18 with the 3.6L Flatty. Neither are in good condition but the frames are solid and cabs are not entirely rusted through. Then he tells me I could grab one of ‘em for “...2 or three grand...”

Now I’m torn. Well, I’m not really torn as much as trying to figure out the logistics of getting a rusted out, octogenarian Ford from the East Coast to Colorado without it turning to dust in the process. Two and a half large for a Model 18 is pretty hard to pass up