So at around 845 eastern time I set out to do some city driving and night time driving to get some of my licence requirement done. So after about 30 mins of parallel with only one car in front I felt confident in that and wanted a challenge. So we found two cars pretty close together and on a slight hill. Paralleled better than both of those cars on my first time. Did it perfectly on second try. So feeling accomplished with my city driving it was time for the highway.

So about 10ish I got on 481. I took it 10 miles down to Fulton, NY, on this stretch I made my first passing maneuver on the highway at night. So I made it down to Fulton and turned around at the Fastrac. So heading back towards Oswego, I ended up in a turn lane on accident. So I had to pull a U-turn. I'm pretty sure the guy in the Civic behind me was pissed. So I made the 15 minute drive back home, and pulled into my impossibly steep driveway.

These were my driving adventures for tonight. 1.5 more hours towards my 50 bringing me to around 8.5 with 1.5 evening/night. I need 50 with 10 at night. It was good and I'm becoming more confident each time I drive.
This is what our car looks like only with out the fog lights on the bottom. We have brake ducts!!!