Remember Miss Dodge? She was the girl that brought me to suicide because I dared to not agree with her turning my house into a drug lab for a gang in a nearby city. Well apparently she’s still on her mission to make the lives of my parents and myself a hell...

During the winter, she approached my dad and told him that she is straight (false, really?) and that she’s getting married a man because she’s a god-fearin’ girl and doesn’t want to sin. She went further on some rant about my mum and how she is not really a woman because being trans is sinful.

Advertisement First of all, this girl is extremely anti-religious and enjoys committing felonies, so I find it hard to believe that she’s suddenly finding it hard to be trans. The “I’m not gay” thing is a bad slippery slope. This either admits that she only calls herself trans for the attention and she’s actually a cis guy, or that’s her saying I’m not a woman. Neither is great.

Anyway, aside from that weird rant, the winter was quiet. Well, that didn’t last forever. From this point forward, she will be called “drug dealer girl”. She isn’t deserving of my “brand of current/dream car” nomenclature.

Last weekend she started back on her harassing my parents and myself by giving my mum the finger while attempting (and failing) to do a burnout in her clapped out Buick. Okay, whatever. It was a dumb protest and she looked like the idiot there.

Today she decided to take it up a notch at my 1 year old nephew’s birthday party.


The village has a bunch of stupid ordinances that aren’t really enforced. One of them is no neighbourhood street parking, period.

Honestly, nobody actually cares if you park in the street. Most houses only have a driveway large enough for two cars, so if you have family or a party over, they have to street park. The village really only cares if you’re regularly parking cars in the street.


So, it came as a surprise to us when the county Sheriff (Remember those guys? Remember how they told us that drug dealer girl essentially has free reign to harass us?) pulled up and told us to move our cars.

They got three anonymous reports of illegal parking, prompting the officer to tell us to get the cars off the street. Alright, whatever. Earlier in the day, a bro-truck was trying to race down the neighbourhood street at full throttle (and criminally above the speed limit) and the guy got pissed that he had to slow down to avoid hitting the parked cars. We just assumed he made all three calls.


Another village ordinance is that no unregistered motor driven vehicle can be driven on neighbourhood streets. There aren’t any sidewalks in this neighbourhood. This technically means that a Power Wheels being driven by a kid is liable to be impounded. Again though, it’s an ordinance never enforced. It’s not uncommon to see ATVs, golf carts, dirt bikes, three wheelers, or even lawn tractors driving down the street. Nobody cares so long as people are being mindful.

Today we brought out a minibike and did some slow laps around the neighbourhood circle. Most neighbours were outside and enjoying the nice weather, some were even playing with their own power toys. In fact, we had it out the first time the officer came by and he didn’t even say anything about it.


About 30 minutes later, the officer came back. He told us to get the minibike off the street or he will impound it. Considering it was in the street a half hour ago and he didn’t care, why does he all of a sudden care now? Three anonymous reports of an unlicensed vehicle in the street. Hmmmm...

I looked at the house next door (where drug dealer girl still lives) and surprise, she had the biggest grin on her face...Ah, it all became clear now.


My brother is furious. The Sheriff told us if anyone ever reports the minibike again, he’s taking it.

This saga is still unfolding. Meanwhile, I have to move out of here ASAP. I hate how the drug dealer girl knows where I live. Thankfully I have the cash, I just need the apartment!


Have a pic for your time!

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