Good thing I don’t have much spare money right now.

Screenshots in case the ad gets taken down:

I traded it in August 12, 2009 for the Mazda. It had 131,000 miles then. I know it has been wrecked at least once since I sold it. That was a rear end crash from what I remember. Also, looks like one of my blacked out headlights has been replaced with an OEM one. The blacked out ones got moisture in them anyway. I found them on eBay for like $100.00, so I didn’t expect much.


I like how it says “not good for first time drivers.” It was pretty damn quick, that’s for sure. Got my first speeding ticket in it, too. 82 in a 55. Although the trooper had mercy on me and marked it down to 65 in a 55. Man, I miss that car.

It was a great car for me. I got it from a lady that took meticulous care of it. It had 103,000 on it when I bought it in April 2007. The whole time I had it, the only issues I ever had were a fuel pressure regulator, the driver’s side power window, and an oil pressure sending unit that cost $10.00. People always bitched at me about how unreliable Grand Ams were but that thing was rock solid for me.

It was also damn good in the snow. I regularly passed 4x4s that were spinning out on the highway (Kentucky doesn’t understand how to clear roadways).


Here’s a picture of my dorky self before my senior prom in April 2008.

Note the embarrassing amount of stickers...ah, to be young, dumb, and 17 again.