My old Mazda3 died yesterday

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After I paid it off and bought my 1-series, I gave it to my brother because his Scion Tc was dead and he needed something to drive to work. Two weeks ago he asked me to help him with a flat and when we started it up I heard knocking. The car was very low on oil, so we did a quick oil change and it sounded fine but I figured it was living on borrowed time at that point.


Two days ago he texted me and said it had started knocking again so he checked the oil and it was somehow low. No visible leak though so he topped up the oil and decided it was a good idea to make a 100-mile round trip on an engine that was now knocking even full of oil. He was about halfway back when he started to smell burning oil and the car stalled out.

After I got off work last night, he called a tow truck and I drove him out to meet the driver. There was oil everywhere, but the source wasn’t immediately apparent in the dark with a flashlight. However when we got it home and off the truck, I noticed a chunk of something lying on the flatbed. It was that partial rod end pictured above.


Now to help him find a new car and see if this thing is worth saving...

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