Saved my dad’s life a second time. My old ride, ‘05 GMC Yukon 8.1 is no more. Dad was driving it yesterday, brakes failed as he was approaching a red light, he hit 3 or 4 other cars and both airbags delpoyed (glad I got that airbag light fixed before I sold it to him...). He suffered a few bruises, his wife a broken ankle or something. I’m on vacation with little to no cell service (mostly none) so details are still sparse but he said the pedal went to the floor... Most of the brake lines were replaced a few months ago so hmmmm. I can’t wait to get back to civilization so I can talk to him, but it sounds like there were no serious injuries so that’s good. So sad.

Goodbye Yuk. You will be missed. Thanks for doing your job and protecting your passengers!