My One-Year Oppo-versary!

Are we still doing year-in-review “Oppo-versary” posts?

I never really introduced myself, but you’ve probably seen me commenting and throwing a post out there every couple of weeks or so. So AMA, I guess.


I discovered Jalopnik a few years ago, but in 2014 I finally decided to create an account for commenting. I was lifted from the grey a few weeks later, and found Oppositelock through some shared posts. In 2015, I was granted permission to post on Oppo. It’s been about one year since then.

(To be honest, I’m not sure exactly what day my Oppoversary falls on. I didn’t put my first post together until some time after I gained Oppo authorship. Kinja’s notification log is acting up right now, and won’t let me look up the exact date, so “sometime in July” will have to do.)

I started out occasionally posting what I like to think of as random “automotive shower thoughts”. The topic could be anything related to driving or cars, hopefully something out of left field that had’t been discussed very much. Once I picked up my cheap beater truck, I decided to start logging my progress on it right, from the get-go.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a couple of my Oppo posts make their way to the front page, but last month I had the opportunity to do an actual guest piece for Jalopnik. The response has been amazing! You guys are awesome!


During the past year, I also had a chance to meet some fellow Detroit-area JalOppos like David Tracy, Steve Lehto, and K-Roll (shameless name drops lol), and if you stop by the Concours d’Elegance in Plymouth next weekend, maybe I’ll see you, too!


Anyway, now that I’ve got the “’Murlequin” restored (well, mechanically, anyway) as a beater workhorse, those truck posts are going to become less frequent. Instead, I hope to share more about my Mustang, which I am kind of surprised that I haven’t mentioned hardly at all. (Spoiler alert: I plan to give it a brake system upgrade hopefully in the next couple of months...) And maybe some more car-related “shower thoughts” will come to mind now and then, too.

Here’s to the next year!

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