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My opinion on The Hunt

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I finally sat down to watch it.

The Very Good: Betty Gilpin & Hilary Swank make you want to watch it.

The Bad: Ike Barinholtz excluded, the rest of the cast weren’t up to the task of carrying the dialogue of this satire. Ike deserved more screen time.


The Very Bad: Poor Hollywood marketing of giving away too much in the trailers. I hate this trend. I understand that the younger movie-going public is drawn to this type of marketing these days, and it draws in the dollars, but I still hate it.

Final opinion: 2 out of 4 stars. Betty and Hilary are worthy of a viewing, especially if you are looking for entertainment. But too little Ike and a supporting cast that went the over the top caricature route, undermined the politically tinged satire in what could have been a cult classic at the very least.

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