When I first read the site-wide post about the .gif problem on Monday, I have to admit it gave me a chuckle.

Let me explain.

I generally stay away from Jez, because it seems to me to cater to a certain part of the population, and I don't really care for the overall general attitude I sense over there dealing with anything that has testosterone. That's not to say that some of the material that is posted there isn't spot on, I just chose to read elsewhere.

The reason this .gif situation seemed amusing to me is because of the vitriol with which that post was written. The fact that someone (or group of someone's) could so thoroughly get under the skin of the entire population over there was impressive. They got an A+ for trolling.

Because it didn't effect me, I didn't see the harm. But then I stepped back from the situation and tried to look at it through the eyes of another.


Dealing with this on a day to day basis must have royally sucked. This seemed to go far beyond trolling. How would I feel if I had to deal with stuff I found offensive shoved in my face multiple times a day? It would have pissed me off too.

Perhaps it might seem that Gawker was heavy handed when they stopped picture comments across the board. But I think their hands were tied. They needed to do something since it was splashed across multiple sites. This seemed like the best option for a quick fix.


Honestly, I can't say I'm super happy about going back to the old Grey method. But at least it appears that Gawker is trying their best to work on the problem. Or at the very least reduce the amount of .gifs that get through.

So, while I might be stuck in the Grey on most sites again, I can live with it because its for the greater good. No one should have to be subjected to what the readers of Jez have gone through, and if this can curb that, it only makes sense to re-implement the greys.


TL;DR: I'm okay being grey